We breed English Cream Golden Retrievers and English Cream Goldendoodles.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent dogs and are great with children. Often times, they are used as service dogs.

 English Creams differ from American Retrievers by having a lighter coat, a shorter stature, a wider often blocky appearance, and an even more gentle spirit. 

Our dogs are all registered with AKC and have champion bloodlines. All dogs and puppies are up to date on shots and worming.

English Cream Golden Retrievers have gorgeous cream coats that are often described as self cleaning. We have experienced this personally as Winnie loves to roll in the mud! As she runs around the dirt begins to fall off her coat. Of course we still bathe our dogs, but we love to see that their beautiful cream coats often look cream no matter how much dirt they may find.

Our Goldendoodles offer the same benefits of our Retrievers, just without shedding!